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Friday, March 18, 2011

A note on mayonnaise, and other sauces

I hate American Mayonnaise. It's horrible. The idea of mixing eggs, vinegar, and oil together just grosses me out. That being said, for some reason Argentine mayonnaise is quickly becoming one of my favorite condiments here. It may be that they use a different kind of oil than in the US, and it may be the limón verdadero that they add to it, but it's delicious. Mayonesa is appropriate on french fries (like in Europe), milanesas, and just about anything else, as far as I can tell.

Mayonnaise on french fries, you say? That's insane! Well, at least it's insane for those of you who have never been to Europe or heard of that custom. The preferred topping in the US is obviously ketchup. Well, buckaroos, the Argentines have that covered. Not only can you get ketchup here, they also have a unique sauce: salsa golf. That's sauce. They call it that because it originated in one of the golf courses around here that most likely cater to tourists. What makes it a delicious cultural blend is that it's a mix got it...ketchup and mayonnaise. It looks kind of like thousand island dressing, but it's delicious.

I'm currently enjoying my lunch of milanesa, papas fritas, mayonesa, and salsa golf. Are you jealous?

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  1. I love the mayo here and I am so glad you wrote a post about it. One of the first things I bought (before actual food) was the olive oil mayo.