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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arrival and Buenos Aires

Since I've just started this blog, it's much easier to write long, detailed posts.
Flying to Argentina, I got upgraded to business class (thanks, Dad!), which was incredible. I got to stay in the admiral's club in Dallas during my layover, and I got two free top-shelf drinks (well drinks and beer were free.) and free wi-fi. I was in heaven.
The flight to Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires was just as amazing. It felt like they never stopped bringing food (snacks, dinner, breakfast, alcohol, coffee, etc.), and my seat reclined to sleeping position (by the way, I'm starting to realize how much I use parenthetical phrases. I blame the MLA and symbolic logic). I also watched a little HP7, so all was good. Accio Adventure!
Arriving in Buenos Aires, I was very worried. My referente had warned me about theft in the airport, so I was clutching my bags like a small child as I walked out of customs. It was nothing. I walked to a desk, got a remis with my credit card, and went to an atm. It was a holiday, so the atm had no cash. That was a bummer. Little did I know, the bummer trolley had just begun to come into the station. When I got to my hotel (exhausted), I found out my room wouldn't be ready for a few hours. I was a hot, sweaty mess, but I got on wifi, found an atm nearby on google maps, and walked 2 km there (what's a little extra stank?). No cash. I was getting desperate.
Just me hangin' out with
one of the guards
at the Casa Rosada
Later, Katie (another ETA) showed up and we immediately found a bank with AR$ (there will be a lot of ARS puns to come). I spend the rest of the day walking around with her, drinking beer, and having snacks. In the evening we met up with Jacqui, an ETA assigned to Buenos Aires, and hung out until 10 or so. After that, I went back to my room.
The next day was similar. We walked around and chatted most of the day, but we did see the casa rosada. Katie also took me to Recoleta to see some shops and the cemetery. The cemetery/mausoleum was very neat (pictures to come.) Among others, Sarmiento and Evita Perón were buried there. After that, I headed to the bus station for my trip to visit Martín in Córdoba...
(I've been writing this post little by little over a period of three days. Posts are going to have to get shorter, methinks...)

Photos! Buenos Aires

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