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Friday, May 13, 2011

Villa María and friendship

After a luscious weekend in Santa Rosa, Martín and I met up once again Wednesday night, this time in Villa María to play with Jen and Hannah (two other Fulbrighters). Hannah had come down from Corrientes (way up in the north) because she had the week off due to midterms (parciales). The first night, we made pizzas and had dinner with Jen's referentes. There was also some drinking and Apples to Apples. Oh, and bless them, Jen and Hannah made brownies with ice cream for dessert. You have no idea how much I had missed brownies; each bite was like a heavenly, chocolate explosion in my mouth.

With Jen's roommate, we were 5 people sleeping in a room; you can imagine what a fun snuggle-fest that was. It was great.

Thursday was a free day, and we spent the morning and afternoon walking around, eating, and checking out the beautiful costanera (coastline) that Villa María has. They have a boardwalk and reclining lounge chairs made of nice wood. It's gorgeous! After our little excursion, we went to the store to get ingredients; that night was to be a grand affair. I've been mastering my skills at traditional empanadas and Jen has become quite the queen of empanadas árabes, so that night we decide to have an empanada fest. It was incredible.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early to get back to Río Cuarto for a graduate class the next morning. It was a shame, because I love every one of those people. Seriously, they're great.

Pics are here:

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