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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

This weekend Martín and I decided we needed a little break from our respective cities, so we checked out Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, a small, tourist-centered village in the sierras de Córdoba. Fortunately, we are nowhere near peak season, so we were some of the only tourists there.

We stayed at a hostel I found on hostelworld. In one sense, I did a good job. The owner was a middle-aged couple. The woman was from South Africa and the man was from somewhere in western Russia, I think, and both were very nice. The room was comfortable and had a collection of DVD's that Martín and I watched on a black and white tv (yeah, I guess those still exist). My only downfall in choosing the hostel was that it turned out to be around 3 km (~1.9 mi) from the actual town center. Oops. At least we got a nice walk out of it.

The city itself is centered on a beautiful river. Here are some pictures of it:

Other than walking around and enjoying the scenery in town, we had great food. Here's my milanesa from lunch on Sunday:

We also went to the information center and got the numbers of some places that rented horses. We ended up finding a great deal with a guy named Juan Martínez. He, his son, and his nephew met us by one of the bridges and took us on a two-hour excursion, all for 70 pesos (less than $20). We even stopped by the river and played with some angry geese (see this: Here are some geese and an action shot of Martín on his horse:

On Sunday we went to do a little hiking. We hiked up the Via Crucis, a mountain path that has 14 crosses on it. We got tired and stopped at 7, then headed to the waterfall. On the path down to the waterfall we saw some random, wild cows.

That's all. More images from our adventure can be found here: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

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