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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Folklore Concert!

Today (which I almost accidentally spelled as todaí; god help me) was so much more than a typical day in Río Cuarto. For one, I woke up without my alarm feeling refreshed and energized (garden-path sentence alert). I had a banana and some café con leche for breakfast, and then I got on a bus I don't normally take, ten minutes ahead of schedule. I went into my only class at 10:00 and it ended early since the girls are writing scripts for a play they'll be acting out in the next two weeks. Since Laura (the teacher) offered to give me a ride home in a few minutes, I took the opportunity to go to the offices and do some more research for my travels this weekend (horseback riding, zip lining, and hiking in the lovely German village of La Cumbrecita). While I was doing this, Laura, who had previously gone outside to smoke, came in and asked me if I wanted to go see some men sing. Like I would say no to that?

Since 25 de mayo (one of Argentina's Independence days) was last week, and since the university is celebrating some important anniversary, a popular Riocuartense group called Armonía Americana came to sing. It's four guys--one bass, one baritone, and two tenors (one of which is a professor of Engineering at UNRC)-- and they sing folkloric music. The concert was incredible, and I got to hear some really cool songs. Plus, I got to be a little Argentine for a day.

That's all for now. Be excited for my post after this weekend. It will be FULL of great things.

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