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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Spontaneity is something I could use some more of, and I find that when I actually am spontaneous, nice things happen. Well, let's get down to it.

I had seen posters around saying Bajofondo on them, but the cover just had one guy on it and I thought they were just sponsoring some new act, so I really didn't pay attention to it (If you need to research Bajofondo before continuing, I encourage you to do so at the bottom of the page. It's all right; this post isn't going anywhere). Well, I'm stupid. Luckily, Fernanda (an English professor) saved the day. It was 8:30, and I was just finishing up an early dinner, when my phone rang. Well, I should elaborate. I had just sent a text message, so my phone book screen was open. Then, my phone started ringing, but the phone book screen didn't go away. I had no idea what was really happening, and I was afraid that I had called someone in my phone book. So, not wanting to risk hanging up, I answered. It turns out it was Fernanda, someone whose number I don't have. Well..I think that I've called her by mistake, and I start apologizing, only to have her stop me and ask what I was doing tonight. She mentioned that there was this was tango, but kind of electronic, but kind of...(she was obviously having trouble describing it. Luckily, I knew what it was!) and I interrupted: ¿Quéres decir Bajofondo? The "Siiiiiiiiiiiii" on the other end meant I knew I was in business. Well, long story short, a half hour later I was there waiting in line with her; I still didn't know how much was going to be Bajofondo and this "other guy." The "other guy" turned out to be the pianist and all-star of Bajofondo, and he was incredible. Here is some of his stuff. I was just flabbergasted.

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