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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Have you heard about these?

I first discovered churros at the San Diego Zoo when I was around 15. Those babies were long (I mean, long) sticks of fried dough and sugar. They came in all kinds of flavors, including strawberry.

Then, in Mexico I got my first taste of real churros, or so I thought. They were just like the San Diego variety, but smaller.

But here you go again, Argentina, one-upping the rest of Latin America...your churros have dulce de leche inside! Pardon my cursing, but Mmm mmm, bitch!

By the way, on the off chance that you cared about my Spanish fluency, I figured out what's making it so difficult for me: the Argentine voice register is too close to that of my American accent. With Spanish Spanish, I speak in a lower tone of voice, so it's easier for my vocal tract to keep it separate. With Mexican Spanish it's similar (but higher pitched). tongue's been getting all confused by mixing English and Spanish vowel patterns and throwing weird allophones around. I'll get it figured out now that I've pinpointed the problem.

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